Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies

Lateral assemblies adopt advanced wedge wire technology providing exceptional strength and rigidity while maximizing flow rates and minimizing pressure drop.

Wedge wire lateral assemblies are referred to as header lateral assemblies, water header systems, and header lateral distributors.

The lateral assemblies are designed to efficiently collect and distribute liquids or gas preventing media from flowing out.

Our lateral assemblies can be custom-designed in various sizes and shapes, including ordinary radial type, fishbone type, and T-type configurations.

Two types: threaded ending wedge wire laterals and flange ending wedge wire laterals

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Features of Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies
▪ Exceptional Filtration Efficiency
Our Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies offer precise and reliable filtration, capturing even the smallest particles. The V-shaped wire design ensures a continuous slot opening, which prevents clogging and allows for a higher flow rate.
▪ Robust Construction
Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our lateral assemblies are built to endure harsh environments and resist corrosion, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance.
▪ Ease of Installation and Maintenance
Designed with the end-user in mind, our assemblies feature straightforward installation processes and easy access for cleaning and maintenance, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.
▪ Customizable Solutions
Whether you need standard configurations or bespoke designs, we offer tailored solutions to meet your exact specifications.

Applications of Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies
Wedge wire lateral assemblies are widely used in underground drainage systems and also installed in vessels or tanks.
For Example:
Ion exchange
Clay and sand filtration
Carbon towers
Power plant water system
Cation exchanger
Mixed bed exchangers

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